They confirm the debut of Christian Nodal in the famous soap opera Here are all the details!

A few months ago, when rumors began to surface that Christian Nodal might venture into the role of a horrific soap opera villain, neither he nor his production team have commented on it since.

It was this Thursday morning, August 10, when the news was confirmed that Nodal would be part of “Minas de Pasion”, a telenovela on the Canal de las Estrellas in which personalities such as Livia Brito, Maira Rosas, Alma Sero, Anette Michel , Cesar Evora and many others.

This Thursday morning, August 10, actresses Mayra Rojas and Arianna Wahl were special guests on the Hoy program, who spoke about the upcoming premiere of “Minas de Pación”, as well as their characters and some of the actors who will be part of the production, assuring that the main a role in this melodrama will be played by the “caste composition”.

After all the details, Andrea Escalona, ​​who was in charge of communicating with the aforementioned actresses, asked the production to raise the sound of the background song, and, to the surprise of the audience, it was a song with the voice of Christian Nodal. .

So, the regional Mexican singer, who will become a father along with Cazzu in the coming months, will become part of the soap opera “Minas de Pasion”.

Although, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, back in May there were rumors that Nodal would make his debut as a villain in a telenovela, before writing this note, it is only known that this will be in the musical part.

What song does Nodal interpret for the Televisa soap opera “Minas de Pasión”?

Although in just a few seconds we were able to enjoy the theme that will become the main theme of the telenovela “Minas de Pasion”, which starred Livia Brito and Osvaldo de Leon, we know that this is a song called How are you?.

While there is no exact date for when the song was released, it was in 2018 when Nodal performed it with just a guitar in an interview with businessman Pepe Garza.

Cazzu shows tender moment when her baby with Christian Nodal kicks

sweet anticipation Christian Nodal And kazzu Because of her eldest daughter, every day she has half the world chasing a contentious couple to find out about the upcoming arrival of the princess at home.

This time we find a beautiful video shared by an Argentine singer. in which you can see your baby kicking out of the wombas if she was eager to get out very soon.

It was in a short clip of just a few seconds in which Peliculeo’s interpreter was able to capture the exact moment her baby moves inside the womb.

The South American translator shared this video on Instagram stories, but did not write anything about the moment.

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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