Alejandra Guzman admits who could have prevented her from being invited to Michelle Salas’ wedding

Much has been said about whether Alejandra Guzman Will he come to the wedding or not? Michelle Salasand that is why this time the rocker once again decided to talk about whether there is a reason why she has not yet been invited to the ceremony, which, according to various Mexican media, will take place in Italy.

Well, let’s remember that La Guzman was not invited to Michelle’s pre-wedding in Mexico City, which is what she did so that her great-grandmother, Ms. Silvia Pinal could attend because the trip that will take place abroad is no longer in sufficient physical shape for a trip of this type.

Sylvia Pasquel, the eldest daughter of the “Golden Film Diva,” spoke about this herself, noting that, apparently, everything is ready for the ceremony of the bride and groom Michelle Salas and Venezuelan businessman Danilo Diaz.

What did Alejandra Guzman say about Michelle Salas’ wedding?

This happened during the radio program “Formula of Spectacle with Flor Rubio”, where the press asked La Guzmán if she would be present at the event planned for this year in Italy, to which she replied that She was not invited, and when asked why, she replied with her special sincerity and sarcasm that they should ask Sylvia Pasquel.

“Ask Silvita, she loves me so much”- Alejandra Guzman replied.

These statements are in contrast because it appears that the rift between Sylvia Pasquel and the singer will cause the family to break up.

Something is different from what Pasquel said a few days ago in front of the press gathered for the birthday of Doña Silvia Pinal: since he insisted that he had an excellent relationship with his best sister.

What is the problem between Alejandra Guzman and Silvia Pasquel?

But in a recent interview with Pati Chapa, the “Eternamente bella” singer admitted that her relationship with her half-sister was never very close due to the age difference.

For her part, Silvia Pasquel denied that there was any difference between them, but a very close friend said that at her parties she forbids guests to play the music of Alejandra Guzman or Luis Miguel. making it clear that he does not really trust his half-sister or half-brother Luis Enrique Guzman and that part of the conflict will be related to inheritance.

Alejandra has always said that she is not interested in anything and that she is undoubtedly the daughter of Silvia Pinal, who has achieved the greatest success in her career and amassed the greatest fortune. She is only interested in the paintings of Diego Rivera.

There were even audio recordings of Silvia Pasquel speaking poorly about Luis Enrique Guzman, the son of Silvia Pinal and Enrique Guzman. where he claims that he spends his time talking about his mother’s problems and that he has changed since he was with Mayela.. He even accused him of creating the impression that he wanted to keep the entire inheritance.

“I see that he really wants, is very interested in the inheritance”- exclaimed Sylvia Pasquel.

A few days ago, they both appeared again at Silvia Pinal’s birthday party and there Alejandra said that there should be no disagreement because they are a small family and she even touched her sister’s hand.

Who only suggested, but did not answer anything about this and did not say another word of support to his sister, which could show that there is a distance.

Author: Megan Negrete
Source: La Opinion


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