Members of the group “25/17” about creativity: “We don’t force ourselves”

Photo: © Program “Salt” on REN TV

Photo: © Program “Salt” on REN TV

Members of the group “25/17” in the program “Salt” on REN TV told why the band releases quite a lot of albums.

Last year the group released two new albums – an acoustic album and an afterword album to “Tales from the Crypt”, which contained extended versions of songs and remixes. One of the hosts of the program, rapper Rich, clarified whether creativity is associated with a nervous state, a desire to calm oneself.

“Why are there so many releases? I don’t know, it’s written like that, – shared songwriter Andrei Bledny. – This is a completely natural process. We don’t force ourselves, we don’t torture ourselves. We also need to take into account that Anton has a solo electronic project.”

In turn, vocalist Anton Zavyalov clarified that the group was making the album “Inevitability” and decided that the logical conclusion, the point, should be “Odolen”.

“Which, let’s say, like a plantain will lubricate our wounds, artistically speaking. It was a logical continuation. And already this year, with a completely fresh mind, Andrei spoke about the idea of ​​​​a new album, “The Joy of Meetings and Partings” – of course, it was not called that even then “, – said Anton.

According to him, the musicians discussed everything and everything worked out so smoothly, “like God’s blessing, it’s very cool.”

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