Katya Lel told how she followed the rise of the hit “My Marmalade”

Photo: © Video screenshot

Photo: © Video screenshot

Katya Lel’s song “My Marmaladny”, which was released in 2004, became a hit again. This time, the hit was helped to reach the top lines of the charts by popularity among American and European users of the social network TikTok. The singer told reporters about how she learned about the new popularity of her song.

According to the artist, she learned about the trend to use her hit from her daughter. Later, the international streaming service Spotify informed Lel that her song had become one of the most popular in Russian.

“I go to the shooting – fourth place (in the Spotify world chart. – Approx. REN TV)I come out – third place. <…> It’s just a miracle that I can’t believe.”,” commented Katya Lel.

The hit singer said that she is going to meet in the near future with the author of the song “My Marmalade” Maxim Fadeev. However, she did not say what their conversation would be about.

Lel emphasized that she is proud that the song in Russian has now become popular all over the world. She admitted that plans for a global scale were made back in 2004.

“Apparently, everything has its time”“, concluded the artist.

Note that TikTok users from all over the world are trying to sing along to the text in Russian, dressing in fur coats and fur hats, parodying the image of a person from Russia in Western culture.

Let us recall that at the beginning of the year, a remix of Igor Sklyar’s 1985 song “Komarovo” became popular on the Internet and topped the Russian music charts. The reason for its success was that the composition was used as the soundtrack to the popular game Atomic Heart.

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