Rich told how Kipelov amazed him: “I came with tricky questions”

Photo: © Program “Salt”

Photo: © Program “Salt”

Rapper Rich in the program “Salt” on REN TV told his co-host, rocker Alexander F. Sklyar, what he found to be “the most interesting and unexpected” thing about the show.

Rich shared his thoughts with the rocker during an unusual release of the program. This time, it was not invited guests who spoke and gave interviews at Sol, but the presenters themselves.

“Of course, it was the people who surprised me more. Because musically I was already familiar with everyone, plus or minus, – said Rich. – I remember how I was completely amazed by, say, Kipelov. That is, for me, metal music closed at the age of 13. I walked with tricky questions about how, at 120 years old, you can play these primitive lyrics, hammer on these guitars and still pray to Iron Maiden.”

As Rich put it, in the end, “practically the godfather of metal” appeared before him and said: “Baby, live with me, and then we’ll talk.” The rapper also thanked REN TV for the filming and noted that there was no other channel that invited the musician Branimir.

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