Sklyar told how he changed his opinion about musicians on the show “Salt”

Photo: © Program “Salt”

Photo: © Program “Salt”

Rocker Alexander F. Sklyar in the program “Salt” on REN TV told his co-host rapper Rich about how he changed his opinion about the guests of the program.

The rock star shared his thoughts with the rapper during an unusual release of the program. This time, it was not invited guests who spoke and gave interviews at Sol, but the presenters themselves.

According to Sklyar, there were times when he expected that he would not like the interviews with some participants in the show, but unexpectedly everything went interesting and great.

“He may be playing in such a way that I have musical complaints against him. But then we start communicating, and he says such things to you and me that I understand: well, it doesn’t matter to me that he was pestered with these musical pieces. It is much more important that he is sincere – and you and I feel it,” – Sklyar shared.

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Source: Ren


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