The Lyube group will celebrate 35 years of creative activity with two concerts in Moscow

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Sputnik/Viktor Tolochko

A real gift for the holidays awaits fans of the Lyube group. The artists will celebrate the 35th anniversary of their creative activity with two large concerts in Moscow. For decades now, their songs have been sung by the whole country and millions of fans beyond its borders. Today, the musicians revealed the secret of the anniversary program – apparently, on February 22 and 23, the entire audience will sing the song “Lube” again.

“There are a lot of songs, and even if you can make any program from different songs, the songs have long been known to everyone”“, said the leader of “Lube”, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Nikolai Rastorguev.

“Some kind of chemistry happens, every time this miracle happens at a concert, that the audience falls into some amazing state. There are some songs where the audience always gets up, somewhere – sits down, somewhere – cries, somewhere – starts dancing desperately” – says the group’s producer, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Igor Matvienko.

The musicians of “Lube” have their own unique style. They are always “the kids from our backyard” for any listener, regardless of age and status. And for all 35 years, the group’s compositions have occupied the leading positions in the Russian charts, becoming not just hits, but songs for all time.

Source: Ren


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