The director said that Kologrivy has not yet been approved for the role of Zhirinovsky

Photo: © RIA Novosti/Ekaterina Chesnokova

Actor Nikita Kologrivy has not yet been confirmed for the role of Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the upcoming biopic about the founder of the LDPR, said REN TV director of the film Alexander Baranov.

According to the director, the project is at an early stage, and castings for the formation of the cast are still ahead. Rumors that the star of the film “At the Pike’s Command” will play politics arose due to the artist’s preliminary meeting with the chairman of the LDPR, Leonid Slutsky.

“There was only a creative meeting with Slutsky, because everyone said that Kologrivy looked like Zhirinovsky. Therefore, Slutsky invited us to talk to him, to be convinced, to see for himself. So far there was no talk at all about the actors.”– said Baranov.

In the film, Zhirinovsky will be presented in three different periods. The politician’s childhood will be shown, his life in the mid-80s and the most voluminous block – the period of creation of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Baranov admitted that he is inspired by the work on the film. The director was impressed by Zhirinovsky as a personality and politician, and besides, they are fellow countrymen – both come from the city of Almaty.

The script for the film is still being developed: the working group is collecting the invoice, meeting with people who knew Zhirinovsky, studying documentation and getting acquainted with the politician’s books.

The director said that technical details are now being sorted out, after which the creative team will begin production of the film. Preliminarily, the work will take at least a year.

Source: Ren


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