Buzova’s performance was equated to a “naked party”: the singer’s reaction

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A scandal erupted around Olga Buzova’s performance at a concert in Ufa. The singer was criticized for the revealing leather bodysuit she wore on stage on Children’s Day. The performer’s outfit has already been commented on by deputies, the head of the Safe Internet League, celebrities, as well as the Investigative Committee.

In the material REN TV collected all the details of the scandalous story.

Buzova’s costume at a concert in Ufa was called inappropriate

Olga Buzova performed at a concert on Children’s Day in a revealing costume and came under a barrage of criticism. Local residents and officials did not like the leather bodysuit in which the performer appeared, including in front of children.

“When will this shamelessness end? We must prohibit going out to the market in such outfits.”wrote a local resident on social networks.

Deputy of the State Assembly-Kurultai of Bashkiria Rustem Akhmadinurov called Olga Buzova’s performance in a “non-children’s” outfit on Children’s Day unacceptable.

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“First, she performed from 4 to 5 p.m. Well, she started at about 4:50 p.m. At that time there were a lot of children there. There were more than 10 thousand spectators, and there was a very large number of children and teenagers. This is the first. Second “She performed on Children’s Day and it was a completely inappropriate, not a child’s outfit.”he said in a conversation with REN TV.

The head of the Safe Internet League, Ekaterina Mizulina, compared Olga Buzova’s performance with the “naked party” of Anastasia Ivleeva.

“Ufa had its own “naked party” – on Children’s Day, Olga Buzova appeared on stage in an extremely revealing outfit. All this was watched by a huge number of children and teenagers”,” Mizulina wrote in her Telegram channel.

The Investigative Committee will examine complaints about the outfit

The press service of the investigative department of the RF Investigative Committee for Bashkiria reported that investigators accepted requests from social network users regarding Olga Buzova’s speech in Ufa.

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“Messages regarding this fact from users received through social networks to the investigative department have been accepted”,” the press service told TASS.

Ufa authorities: the concert was a commercial event

The Ufa authorities, in turn, emphasized that the concert on Children’s Day was a commercial event without coordination of costumes and repertoire of performances.

“The administration of the city of Ufa received indignant appeals from residents. Let us note that the city authorities share the concerns of citizens and guests of the capital. All received appeals were forwarded to the festival organizers.”– reported the mayor’s office.

“Don’t look for evil”: Buzova apologized for her frank image

Two days after the scandalous performance, Olga Buzova apologized for her revealing outfit. She published an apology post on social networks.

“My team and I apologize if my outfit looked offensive. I always bring love and goodness (…) Don’t look for evil where there is none.”– the singer wrote in her Telegram channel.

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Buzova emphasized that this event has an age limit, and the list of artists is known in advance.

“If someone is not ready to look at me, they can miss meeting me.”“, she clarified.

Later, the media reported that Olga Buzova would perform for free in Novosibirsk on Russia Day.

Dress code for Russian artists

After the scandalous speech of Olga Buzova, State Duma deputy from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Irina Filatova proposed introducing mandatory requirements for the appearance of artists at public performances. She sent a corresponding appeal to the Minister of Culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova.

“Since not all Russian artists are aware of the impact of their own behavior and performances on the general public, I ask you to consider the possibility of introducing mandatory dress code requirements for pop artists for public performances without age restrictions for visitors.”,” Filatova noted in the letter.

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According to the deputy, artists must comply with moral and ethical standards. However, according to her, not everyone does this.

“Performing half-naked has long become the norm for stars of domestic show business.”she added.

First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for the Development of Civil Society, Issues of Public and Religious Associations, People’s Artist of Russia Nikolai Burlyaev also stated the need to restore order in show business.

“It’s time to end this and put things in order in show business. They have completely lost their belts.”said Burlyaev.

The deputy noted that he intends to discuss with experts at the round table the issue of introducing a dress code for artists.

“We are not talking about a uniform, of course not, but restrictions on too revealing images are necessary – they not only do not correspond to our moral values, but they form a deliberately incorrect picture of the world among young people.”concluded Burlyaev.

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