Organized crime groups and murders: a new episode of the series “Reckoning” is released in Wink

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Banditry, robberies, the work of organized crime groups and murders – all this is now echoing from the 90s to the present day. A few years later, the court sentenced crime boss Oleg Shishkan to life imprisonment for a series of high-profile crimes. But the series “Reckoning” will tell you how many other leaders of dangerous groups there were who are still being sought. The new episode has already been released in the Wink online cinema. Roman Polshakov talks about how criminal gangs operated and how they managed to evade justice for so long.

He was called – and some still call him – the owner of the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. Oleg Medvedev, formerly Shishkanov. In certain circles, he is simply a thief in law Shishkan. He positioned himself as a philanthropist.

Now sentenced to life in prison. But not for taxes. 17 more accomplices will go to the colony with him. For murder, banditry, creation of an organized crime group. It all started in the 80s and continued in the 90s. And it ended – just like that. One of the main episodes in the case is the murder of the deputy, part-time director of the Plemzavod Tatyana Sidorova, and her family in 2012. Their bodies were found only in 2019.

They began to search in the forest – first with one excavator, then two or three, then they dug up probably three football fields for a six-story building and found all the bodies in the depths. These are always traces of a crime“, said former MUR employee Alexey Lobarev.

The echo of the 90s still resounds with both murders and sentences. And it is not bandits who are detained in luxurious houses, but businessmen who continue to live according to their rules.

They were already emerging as entrepreneurs, businessmen, consultants, many owners of private security companies appeared, and it became fashionable. There are plenty of funds for withdrawing money acquired through criminal means. And again, let’s not forget about the bribes that also took place“, noted former employee of the RF IC, lawyer Alexey Bardakov.

Just how the bandits of those same dashing ones got back on their feet, settled in during the formation of a new legal system and are now trying to live in the nineties was shown in the new series “Reckoning”.

The main character will not let go of the past; she is trying to avenge her husband and father.

I wanted to create my own clan so that they would come together and rule part of the city“, says the actress of the series “Reckoning” Juliet Shabanova.

He also drags his son into blood feud, a successful fixer who also works on the edge of the law. He solves any problems of clients: gets them out of prison, puts them there – everything is solved by connections. Always comes out of the water clean. Skillfully gets rid of evidence.

No magic, just a little chemistry. Disappearing ink is a thing of the past. Using various reagents, you can get rid of a receipt or destroy other evidence in a couple of seconds. And also, in the literal sense of the word, get burned by a bribe.

Although now, according to experts, it is almost impossible to get rid of something without a trace.

If you have sweat fat on your fabric or paper, they may not burn completely, and after burning they can be restored. From the ashes they can restore your DNA“, said Yana Platonova, a researcher at the Faculty of Chemistry of Moscow State University.

In recent years, the methods of researching the same evidence and the calculations of criminals have changed greatly. The once elusive full-time killers of the Orekhovskaya organized crime group, Frolov and Sosnovsky, have been wanted since 1998. They were detained after another murder in 14th. The verdict was handed down last year.

So far, one generation has passed since the 90s, and the echo of these dashing events, according to experts, may haunt the country for a long time. So in the series, the decision is always haunted by the 90s. And relatives, and everyone around him. Spoiler alert: everyone will be punished. Which one can already be seen on Wink, and very soon on air REN TV.

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