FSB revealed the murder of Dugina: what is known about the perpetrator

Photo: © Izvestia/Andrey Ershtrem

Russian special services have solved the murder of political scientist and journalist Darya Dugina, whose car was blown up on Mozhaisk highway in the Moscow region on the evening of August 20. The performer turned out to be a citizen of Ukraine, Natalia Vovk, who spent three days shadowing the daughter of the philosopher Alexander Dugin. The woman acted at the behest of the Ukrainian special services.

Month of preparation

The FSB Public Relations Center stated that the crime was prepared and committed by the Ukrainian special services. The direct performer was a citizen of Ukraine Natalia Vovk, born in 1979.

If at first it was believed that Alexander Dugin could be the target of the killers, now it became clear that the criminals planned to kill Daria. This is evidenced by the data obtained by the FSB.

Representatives of the special services noted that Vovk arrived in Russia about a month ago – on July 23 – she took her little daughter Sophia with her.

In order to get closer to Dugina, Vovk settled in the house where the murdered woman lived – she decided to rent an apartment there. Don’t forget about the car. To gather more information about Daria, the killer watched her while driving a Mini Cooper. It is interesting that the woman constantly changed the numbers – the signs of the DPR were used at the entrance, in Moscow they were replaced by Kazakh ones, and the “Ukrainian” Mini Cooper was leaving the country.

Murder of Daria Dugina

Having collected the necessary information, the performer followed Dugina to the Tradition family festival, held in the village of Zakharovo.

“On the day of the murder, Vovk and Shaban were at the Tradition literary and musical festival, where Dugina was present as an honored guest”– indicate in the FSB.

The criminal managed to attach explosives to the car – it is possible that this happened in the VIP parking lot. After that, she waited for Daria to get into the Toyota Land Cruiser. At about 9 pm, Dugina left the festival and drove along the Mozhaisk highway – a car with her father followed her.

Ten minutes later, an explosion thundered – after a controlled explosion of the car, Vovk disappeared. After that, she did not linger in Russia – on the same evening, the woman with her daughter headed for the Estonian border and successfully crossed it.

Earlier, experts found that a home-made device was attached to Dugina’s car, the power of which was estimated at about 400 grams of TNT. Apparently, the bomb was planted in the festival parking lot – it is also known that for some reason the surveillance cameras did not work here.

Who is Daria Dugina

Daria Dugina was known for her patriotic views, supported the conduct of a special operation in Ukraine, visited the Donbass on several occasions and helped civilians. She covered events in Ukraine and appeared in numerous radio and television programs.

Friends and acquaintances of the deceased Daria are sure that the girl managed to become an independent “ideological-combat unit” and was not in the shadow of her father. The merits were “recognized” even in the UK, when they added Dugin to their sanctions list.

But more attention in the West was paid to Alexander Dugin, who was strongly demonized, blaming him for the troubles that befell the United States and Europe. Over the past 25 years, the philosopher has been known in the media space as an ideologist of the “Eurasian idea” and an opponent of the unipolar world familiar to Washington. And after the events of 2014 in Ukraine, they began to call him almost “the main ideological adviser to President Putin.”

Explosion of Darya Dugina’s car

The tragedy occurred on August 20 near the village of Bolshie Vyazemy in the Moscow region. Daria Dugina was driving a foreign car and was driving along the Mozhaisk highway. There was an explosion – the car turned into a fireball and rammed an obstacle. Daria had practically no chance.

Following was the father, who was one of the first to be on the scene and saw the flaming carcass in which his daughter was.

A criminal case was opened on the fact of the murder. According to investigators, the murder was custom-made, and explosives were placed under the bottom on the driver’s side.

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