The doctor told the Russians how to prepare the body for the cold

Photo: © Izvestia/Konstantin Kokoshkin

Boris Churadze, Candidate of Medical Sciences and chief physician of the K + 31 clinic network, gave recommendations to citizens on how to prepare the body for the approaching cold weather. He told the radio Sputnik.

The expert noted that while preparing for the winter period, it is worth considering some nuances. The doctor noted that in the summer, Russians are exposed to increased solar stress, an excess of ultraviolet radiation can accumulate over the course of life, which creates a risk of developing cancer.

In this regard, the doctor recommended a regular examination of the body: a mandatory examination by a therapist, laboratory tests.

“There are complexes of surveys that depend on the age and gender of the person”– Churadze clarified.

The candidate of science emphasized that it is very important to be vaccinated as a prevention of influenza and coronavirus.

“This forms specific immunity. Non-specific immunity is formed due to the correct regimen, enough sleep, multivitamin intake, proper nutrition and physical activity”the expert concluded.

Earlier, Rospotrebnadzor said that the coronavirus is gradually turning into a seasonal disease, like influenza and other acute respiratory viral infections.

In the autumn-winter period, doctors record the maximum increase in the incidence of coronavirus, as well as a number of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza. In the summer, the number of people who get sick with COVID decreases.

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