The dentist explained why teeth become more sensitive

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Inflammation of the temporomandibular joint is one of the non-obvious problems with the teeth, leading to increased sensitivity. This was told by a dentist, chief physician of the dental clinic Ilya Antonov.

According to him, the symptoms of such a disease are characteristic cracks when opening and closing the mouth, as well as pain and ringing in the ears. At an advanced stage, a person may feel severe pain in the temple area, difficulty opening the mouth and the development of swelling, the dentist noted.

In addition, according to Antonov, tooth sensitivity can increase with the use of sour and sweet foods, the use of improperly selected toothpaste, as well as with a deficiency of vitamins and trace elements, such as vitamins D and B12.

The quality of tooth enamel can also be affected by nervous and emotional experiences, the doctor warned.

“Stress, in principle, has a bad effect on the state of the whole organism. It is strong emotions that lead to the development of bruxism, which makes the teeth more sensitive. Moreover, because of the grinding of teeth, you can get not only increased sensitivity of the enamel, but also headaches and even hearing loss”– explained website Antonov.

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