Clara Chia Martin lifted her shirt and showed something on her back. Gerard Pique was gone

While the world is waiting for the “official presentation” Clara Chia Martin other family members Pique Bernabeu, at the wedding of Marc Piquet and Maria Waltzanother video of ex-player’s girlfriend goes viral football club barcelona, Gerard Pique, on Twitter, where he eats a few days before a social event with his friends in Barcelona.

In the Europa Press video you can see Clara Chia in shorts, a blazer and a white shirt that is pulled up and turned inside out to show something there. It is not known exactly what he taught his friends, but, of course, Her fans and detractors have voiced their opinions about the absence of her boyfriend, Gerard Pique, and his alleged behavior.that to the naked eye everything is in order.

Not so long ago and only when Gerard Pique was in Miami visiting his children with Shakira, Milan and Sasha, presumably Clara Chia Martin criticized by mother Gerard Piqué, Montserrat Bernabeu, for going to a party with her friends. This was stated by several Spanish media, but none of the journalists or paparazzi dedicated to the source of Shakira Piqué confirmed this statement.

Who was Clara Chia with and where is Gerard Pique?

Friends who accompanied girlfriend of the king’s league president they are colleagues Space. Piqué was traveling to Miami with his children Milan and Sasha to give them to their mother Shakira. Now they meet in Costa Rica, enjoying their vacation.

Let’s remember that not so long ago, Clara Chia and Gerard Pique they imposed a restraining order on the correspondent El Gordo and La Flaca in Barcelona by Jordi Marti.

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For her time, she claimed that her life had changed and that the paparazzi didn’t stop following her. He also submitted several psychiatric examinations, which, according to the reporter, were initially refused. As a result, the decision was made They got a restraining order against YordHey Marty. However, not because of the distance at which Clara Chia asked, but for a rather minor one. This legal measure is temporary for three months and is not final.

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Author: Enlai Li Acevedo
Source: La Opinion


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