Cindy Crawford goes after Oprah Winfrey with harsh statements on ‘Supermodels’

Legendary top model Cindy Crawford spoke about her feelings and recalled her meeting with Oprah Winfrey almost 40 years ago. The model reflected on her appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1986 in an episode of Supermodels, which recently debuted on the channel AppleTV. After the event, she was left with mixed emotions and spoke about it not in favor of the American journalist and writer.

Cindy Crawford. Photo: Getty Images.

When the model was just 20 years old, Oprah Winfrey asked her to stand for a minute during an interview.. He then told the studio audience, “This is what I call a body.” At that moment, Cindy Crawford stood up with a smile on her face and complied with the TV star’s request.

Cindy Crawford, now 57, described how she felt in this interview when she remembered this. She talked about how she felt like she was being treated like an object or a child who could only be seen and not heard. She described herself as follows: “I was like a piece of furniture or a child who was seen but not heard.” And he added: “Show us why you deserve to be here.”

Cindy Crawford rejects Oprah Winfrey’s behavior

Crawford admitted he didn’t understand the extent of what was happening at the time. Years later, when he watched a clip of the interview, he realized that this was not the right setting, especially since he was talking to someone his own size. Oprah Winfreyprominent figure in the entertainment industry.

This is what the luxurious mansion that Oprah Winfrey sold on Orcas Island in Washington looks like from the inside.
Oprah Winfrey. Photo: Getty Images.

Cindy Crawford also detailed her professional struggles in this episode of Supermodels.especially those she faced with her father, John Crawford, who was not entirely supportive of her career choice.

She says he was an example for her. Cindy claims that her father, like many at the time, did not realize that modeling was a legitimate career and over time began to believe that it was dishonest.

The triumph of Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford managed to become one of the most recognized top models in the fashion industry, despite initial difficulties and lack of family support.. Their journey is a motivating example of perseverance and achievement in such a competitive and even dangerous world.

And this is taking into account the young people who become models when they start working in the industry. The vast majority of these years began as early as age 14, just like Linda Evangelista.

Cindy once dreamed of becoming the first female president or nuclear physicist in her early years. However, when she posed for a local photographer as a teenager, her life changed and she eventually found herself in the modeling industry and became famous.

In fact, Cindy Crawford’s revelations during an interview with Oprah Winfrey reveal an unexpected facet of her professional and personal life. These important eras in fashion and entertainment history serve as reminders of the value of empowerment and self-respect in today’s world.

Author: Enlay Lee Acevedo
Source: La Opinion


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