Murashko: Doctors from the Russian Federation are helping to develop a number of medical areas in the DPRK

Photo: © Global look press/ Niehoff

Russian and North Korean doctors have a lot to learn from each other. In particular, specialists from the Russian Federation are helping their colleagues from the DPRK develop a number of medical areas in the country, said “Izvestia“Head of the Russian Ministry of Health Mikhail Murashko.

According to the minister, Russian orthopedists and traumatologists visited North Korea to share treatment methods with local doctors. In addition, doctors from the DPRK are trained at universities in the Russian Federation. Also, geneticists from North Korea will soon come to Russia to exchange experience in this field of medicine.

At the same time, Russian specialists also have a lot to learn from Korean ones. For example, in the DPRK, national practices of a healthy lifestyle and maintaining an optimal level of physical activity are very well developed. This helps prevent a number of diseases. Murashko noted that it would be useful for Russians to adopt this experience.

The head of the Ministry of Health also noted that the agreement on cooperation in the field of medicine signed by the Russian Federation and the DPRK was a “reset” of previously concluded agreements. This time the parties took into account modern goals and objectives. This includes assistance with infectious diseases, transplantology, orthopedics and other areas.

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