Drifting uncertainty … a16z invests 50 billion yen in WeWork’s former CEO’s “rental housing community” new business.Inconsistent description

Adam Neumann Flow WeWork

Adam Neumann, who led shared office giant WeWork, has once again established a real estate-themed startup. Succeeded in large-scale fundraising.

Adam Neumann, the CEO of shared office giant WeWork, was chased by a scandal.

The Wall Street Journal (January 4) reported that NeumannAcquisition of majority co-ownership interest in condominium properties (over 4,000 units in total) worth more than $1 billion (approximately ¥135 billion) in 2021reported what happened.

The lifestyle brand concept that Newman is trying to realize through these properties is starting to take shape with the support of huge capital.

WeWork co-founder turned cultural icon to tech anti-hero, Neumann is the largest single investment to date from Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz. raised funds.

The $350 million (about 47 billion yen) came from Newman’s newly founded rental housing startup,Flow”.

According to the New York Times (August 15),The company, which is scheduled to launch in 2023 and does not yet offer goods or services, has already reached a valuation of more than $ 1 billion (about 135 billion yen) due to Andreessen Horowitz’s investment..

Source: BusinessInsider


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