Musk’s Twitter lifts ban on political adsIs it an aim to secure a source of income for the time being by leaving a large number of brand advertisers?

Twitter CEO Elon Musk.

Both Republican and Democratic political ad buyers are eager to get back on Twitter after Twitter announced it would rescind its rules banning political ads.

In 2019, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey made the decision to ban ads referencing political candidates, parties, elections and other political content. That decision is about to be reversed by the social media giant Twitter.

Twitter has yet to reveal the full details of its new policy. But he said he would “expand” the amount of political advertising on the platform, deregulate “political-based” advertising, and align political advertising regulations with “television and other media” standards. says that.

Despite the lack of clarity on what Twitter’s specific policies are, most of the six political advertising experts interviewed by Insider in early January 2023, with some caution, said they weren’t comfortable advertising on Twitter. He said he would like to start posting again.

Source: BusinessInsider


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