Sales of books skyrocketed on BookTok.4 key takeaways from the changes happening in the publishing industry

Colleen Hoover's book skyrocketed in popularity thanks to TikTok.  In 2022, her sales are up 661%.

Colleen Hoover’s book has skyrocketed in popularity thanks to TikTok, with sales up 661% in 2022.

TikTok has revolutionized every industry, including music, hospitality, and restaurants, but it’s had a particularly big impact on the publishing industry.

A community of enthusiastic readers has grown around the hashtag “#BookTok”, which combines “book” and “TikTok”, and has recorded 110 billion views as of February 17, 2023.

Publishers speaking to Insider cited the BookTok phenomenon as a key factor in making 2021 the industry’s most successful year in nearly two decades.

James Daunt, CEO of bookstore chains Barnes & Noble in the United States and Waterstones in the United Kingdom, told Insider in early 2022, “Everything in my career. It’s a gigantic phenomenon that surpasses the

And now, new data from NPD BookScan, America’s largest tracker of physical book sales, reveals that BookTok will continue to be a boon to the industry in 2022.

Here are four key points.

1. Book sales will drop slightly in 2022, but BookTok continues to improve

Source: BusinessInsider


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