Indonesian McDonald’s “Wedding Set” contains 100 chicken burgers and 100 nuggets!


  • In Indonesia, McDonald’s offers a “wedding set” for newlyweds.
  • The wedding set is 3.5 million rupiah (about 33,000 yen) and includes 100 chicken burgers and 100 nuggets (4 pieces).
  • The set only includes catering, not a wedding at a McDonald’s location.

In Indonesia, McDonald’s offers a “wedding set,” in which newlyweds can serve hamburgers and nuggets to guests after pledging their eternal love.

The wedding set costs 3.5 million rupiah and comes with 100 chicken burgers and 4 nuggets each.

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McDonald’s in Indonesia typically sells chicken burgers for 19,500 rupiah ($1.80) each and four-piece nuggets for 26,000 rupiah ($2.30) each. Ordering as a set saves about 1 million rupiah compared to buying them individually.

McDonald’s says they can offer other combinations as a set if they order 200 or more items. You can also ask the venue to set up a McDonald’s stand.

McDonald’s Indonesia told The Sun US that the set only included catering, not the wedding at a McDonald’s location. In Hong Kong, however, McDonald’s outlets can host wedding parties.

Source: BusinessInsider


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