Coconara, Mizuho and new company. Teaming up with a giant bank to “rapidly grow skill share”

Mr. Akinori Ui (left), Deputy General Manager of Mizuho Bank Retail and Corporate Division, and Mr. Ayumu Suzuki, President of Coconara

Skill share service Coconara announced on September 12, 2023 that it will establish a joint venture with Mizuho Financial Group (FG). On the same day, a basic agreement was signed and a press conference was held.

Coconara, founded in 2012, has focused on skill matching between individuals, but from summer 2021, it will start offering higher-priced services for companies, such as logo and pamphlet design, web page creation, and translation material creation. It started.

The new company will operate and develop a skills and human resources matching platform for corporations, and encourage Mizuho Bank’s customers to use Coconara’s skill sharing service.

Startup support provided by Mizuho FG


The name of the new company is “Mizuho Coconara”

Mizuho FG has set out support for startups to “expand DX business” in its medium-term management plan.

In April 2023, Mizuho FG established Mizuho Innovation Frontier, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mizuho FG and a corporate venture capital (CVC) company. The company aims to operate on a scale of 10 billion yen.

The newly established company, Mizuho Coconara, will have a 51% stake in the company and 49% by Innovation Frontier.

Aiming to be established in January 2024, Coconara President Ayumu Suzuki will concurrently serve as president of the new company. The investment amount and number of employees are currently under consideration.

Coconara: “I’m not as fast as I expected.”


Coconara has high expectations for Mizuho FG’s customer network and brand power.

Commenting on the agreement, Akinori Ui, Deputy General Manager of Mizuho Bank’s Retail and Corporate Division, said, “Coconara, an e-commerce platform that boasts the industry’s largest number of service listings, is a solution to solving the social issue of labor shortage. We would like to work with them to support our customers in their new challenges with the power of digital.”

On top of that, Mr. Ui“How to provide added value is important for differentiation in order to obtain business with new corporations.”And so.

Coconara President Suzuki said, “Although corporate customers are using it via Coconara, the speed is not as fast as expected.We believe that by partnering with Mizuho, ​​which already has a customer base of several hundred thousand people, we will be able to significantly increase our speed.”

Source: BusinessInsider


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