Timey launches a new service for hiring full-time employees from part-time jobs.President Ogawa’s ambitions

Mr. Mine Ogawa, president of Timey, announced the new service at a press conference.

On February 22nd, Timey, which operates a spot part-time job matching app, announced the launch of “Timey Career Plus,” a new service that introduces full-time job openings to users.

Timey users who wish to work as full-time employees will be introduced to full-time job openings from companies using Timey based on their evaluations and acquired skills from past part-time work.

Before being promoted to a full-time position, the user must actually work as a part-time worker for a certain period of time, and then the user can be hired if the user is matched with the company.structure.

If you are hired as a full-time employee, Timey will pay you a recruitment fee.30% of the estimated annual income from the introduced companyreceive.

Timey has over 7 million registered users, and continues to grow rapidly as the largest spot work matching service.

Nippon Express has already successfully adopted the system.


The aim is to use the part-time work experience at Timey to be hired as a full-time employee.

“The job change market is large, but the niche part-time job market has not yet become a large market.

If it really goes well, I think (the new service) will become a business that rivals Time’s in the future.High expectations as the second pillarare doing”

At a press conference held on the 22nd, Timey President Ogawa Mine talked about the growth potential of the new service. He did not state specific numerical targets, calling it a “testing stage.”

The new service will be introduced on a trial basis at Hilton, Palace Hotel Tokyo, and Nippon Express. Nippon Express has hired a 46-year-old man who was already a Timey user as a full-time employee.

The man reportedly worked part-time through Timey for more than 100 hours at restaurants, supermarkets, and distribution warehouses.

Source: BusinessInsider


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