Are you making the “wrong effort”? Cold calling, competing to get business cards… “TTP” to focus on when you’re not seeing results

Independent Thinking

People are more motivated to do work that they can decide for themselves, rather than work that they are forced to do by their boss or senior colleagues. In order to be entrusted with work that requires discretion, you need the ability to think for yourself and produce results in a highly productive way — that’s what I said in my last article.

Obviously, in order to be “productive” and produce results, effort is necessary. However, it is not enough to just put in effort. There are two types of effort: “right effort” and “wrong effort.”

So this time, I would like to talk about the “right way to make an effort,” which is necessary in all processes of improving independent thinking.

This is not the time to show off your heroic tales

Before we get into the main topic, let’s first think about some common sales myths that we hear often.

“Sales is all about feet” is a phrase that even those who aren’t salespeople have probably heard at least once.

There is meaning in meeting customers face-to-face. After working hard to make new sales calls, I finally got an order. Even after being turned down many times, I didn’t give up and kept visiting until the other party finally gave in and placed an order – the heroic tales of “earning money on the road” that are told among salespeople are still alive and well in any era.

In the days when corporate security was not as strict as it is now, it was a common sight to see people making cold calls to companies on the upper floors of a building, a practice known as “building knocking.”

I myself was one of those who experienced cold calling and the “business card acquisition campaign” in which new salespeople competed with each other to see who could collect the most business cards when I was a young employee at the Recruit Group. I can confess this now, but I hated cold calling.

Independent Thinking

Let’s stop and think for a moment. Is that effort the “right effort”?

Companies tell us to “get new orders,” but are cold calling and business card acquisition campaigns really effective ways of getting orders? With this question in mind, I decided to look into the ways in which new orders are acquired within the company.

A shocking fact was discovered when we created a list in order of the highest new transaction “order amount” over the past year.

Source: BusinessInsider


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