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Infrastructure is a fundamental issue for the economic revival of the country. The federal government should be a key factor in its advancement with a well-defined development policy that encourages work in various sectors, and, without a doubt, it should draw on the experience and capabilities of the Private Initiative (PI).

While it is true that the current administration has announced and launched two infrastructure packages and a third is expected, with an investment of over 600 billion pesos between the three, equivalent to over 60 projects, IP should be more involved in these policies. and the programs they intend to implement to revive the economy.

According to the World Economic Forum, infrastructure is one of the 12 pillars that determine a country’s competitiveness.

In this sense, in its 2021 International Competitiveness Index, the Mexican Competitiveness Institute (Imco) ranked Mexico 37th out of 43 countries assessed with low levels of competitiveness compared to the rest of the countries assessed.

For Deloitte, the lack of information and the high cost of the processes hinder the development of infrastructure in the country.

All this reflects reality: there are many obstacles that the business community must overcome in order to effectively participate in the development of the country’s infrastructure.

The paper, Increasing Competitiveness in Mexico, compiled by this consulting company, indicates that the country faces great challenges in this area. He adds that the lack of an approved platform stops infrastructure companies from moving forward, so they have to do all the deployment themselves and cover the associated costs.


Although the main initiator of investment in this sector is the government, private initiative plays a fundamental role in its proper implementation.

Data from the “More Infrastructure, Better Infrastructure” analysis by México Evalúa shows that by 2022, 14.2 billion pesos are projected to be invested by public-private associations (PPPs). “This amount is only 1.6 percent of the total budgetary physical investments, which initially serve to measure their limited impact on economic growth,” the document says.

These resources are not considered budgetary, they are not transparent at the time of the PPP, so it is necessary to make their actual use transparent.


The participation of IPs in infrastructure-related matters and works benefits society as a whole: it creates jobs, revitalizes the economy, stimulates social development and allows small and medium-sized companies to strengthen, in addition to the fact that large companies strengthen their business leadership .

Infrastructure as an Engine for Economic and Social Growth The Tec de Monterrey portal points out that economic growth is one of the world’s biggest challenges as countries need to create wealth and distribute it more efficiently. way, and for this it is necessary to invest in infrastructure, since it contributes to economic and social development.

“Infrastructure moves the country forward. By investing in work, jobs are created and equality is promoted. In Mexico, we have a north with extensive infrastructure and a southeast that, due to problems with orography and meteorology, does not allow for large investments in infrastructure,” Yuriria Mascott, former Deputy Minister of Transportation at the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, said in the same publication. .

Paradoxically, the outlook is very clear for infrastructure goals, which must be met and contribute to social and economic development, job creation and prosperity by incorporating private initiative into government plans and policies.

In conclusion, Mexico needs privately owned companies in its infrastructure projects: their experience, potential, knowledge, combined with job creation, wealth and social development, is the perfect equation for our country’s growth.


Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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