“Winx”: Flora appears in the trailer for the second season and will be an LGBT+ character | VIDEO

A few hours ago, the second preview of the fabulous series was released”Winxwhich makes his fans very happy as he makes his first appearance Flora Produced Netflix.

In the first preview it was noticed Flora achieve Alfea (magic school) and say hello to your cousinEarth), with which she used her power of flowers to get his attention. But in this new trailer, the fairy of nature appears, using her magic in the company of other Winx, which surprised many.

Earth and Flora. (Credits. Netflix)

Is Flora coming to the show as an LGBT+ character?

The second part “Fate: Winx Sagawill appear on the streaming platform on September 16, and with it new characters will appear, but one of the most anticipated is Florabecause in the animated series she is one of the most important fairies and best friends Blossom.

According to Winx Club Latin America, there are rumors that Florawho will be cousin Earth to be a character on the show LGBT+but it is unknown if he will be homosexual or bisexual as in the animated series he is a straight girl who has a relationship with heliumone of specialists.

(Credits. Facebook/Winx Club Latin America)

Who is Flora?

According to the Winxclub website, Flora is a character that gains strength in the second season of the animated series. She is a fairy of nature, she is about 18 years old.

His personality is sweet, shy, and loves nature, especially flowers. In addition, she loves to make tea or cupcakes, although she is not the best at making them. Her favorite food is vegetables and her favorite colors are green and pink.

In adaptation Netflix, Flora starring an American actress Paulina Chavezwho is the daughter of Mexicans and is currently 20 years old.

Flora in the second preview. (Credits. Netflix)

Source: Heraldo De Mexico


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