When Immigrants Don’t Realize They’re Betraying Their Country

There can be no more excuses. If, after four years of watching everything the political opposition in Mexico stands for, you still support it, then like its members, and of course unwittingly, you are betraying Mexico.

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the word “treason” means a crime that is committed by breaking a loyalty or loyalty that must be kept or held.

Because of the weight and seriousness of the meaning, this word should not be used lightly; but if it is used, it must be justified. Otherwise, the text loses its value and becomes propaganda or a political attack.

However, I see no other purpose when I see how a group of politicians from the National Action Party (PAN), the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRP) are more protecting the interests of transnational corporations than their own people. So, if we support these parties, what will we become?

This is exactly what happened with the energy reform. The purpose of this reform was to look after and support the interests of the nation, to ensure that the resources of the country did not fall into the complete control of foreign hands and that they did not leave us at the mercy of private initiative, as happened in Europe. , a continent that later, after the start of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, took drastic measures, but for the benefit of its people.

The problem of gas prices has reached such a level in France D Germanywho had to nationalize the gas industry because their people suffered the consequences of high prices for this resource, an essential element of their citizens’ daily lives.

Curiously, these interventions by the French and German state were not called “communist” or “dictatorial”; But if the people of Mexico want to protect their gas industry, the propaganda of the opposition and the vast majority of the media begins, which immediately accuse the government of wanting to create a monopoly and bringing the country to situations like “Venezuela”. “or” communism. “They don’t care that the government gives 46% of the shares to private business, so that the state guarantees control over the market, so as not to get into such situations as in Europe. However, the opposition and those media that amplify their voice do not care about the truth, they just choose to continue to lie and manipulate in order to return to power.

Moreover, I dare say that these groups are praying that the government and Mexico will do everything possible to facilitate their return in 2024.

And this call is joined by those opposition politicians who obviously protect the interests of transnational corporations more than the people themselves. That is why I emphasize that if we continue to support these parties, we will become their accomplices and, therefore, traitors to the Motherland.

Fortunately, the Mexican government had a plan B, which the Supreme Court did not consider unconstitutional, as the measure strengthened the Federal Electricity Commission. If it were declared unconstitutional, private initiative would eventually control almost the entire industry until 2030; besides the fact that they continue to plunder the country with lion contracts, very tasty for their pockets. Obviously, all this is supported by the opposition in Mexico. It’s a pity.

This is just one example of the hundreds or perhaps thousands of injunctions that opposition in various industries has tried to stop the achievements of the current administration, whether it be building an oil refinery; Mayan train; airport or reforestation programs such as Sembrando Vida; support for the elderly, youth and an increase in the minimum wage, which has increased from 88 to 207 pesos a day since 2018.

And all this without taking into account inflation as a result of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Let’s not forget that as a result of other governments, the current one did not borrow and even in 2021 paid off part of this debt. concluded by previous governments.

As if that wasn’t enough, the opposition rejected a law that would have imprisoned people who rob the treasury without paying millions in taxes; he opposed laws punishing huachicoleo (gasoline theft); and reform the communications industry (biometrics law) to help prevent kidnappings.

That is why the use of the word “treason” is not secondary with the support of the opposition, the one that ruled until 2018 and for which millions of Mexicans were forced to leave their country, leaving their families and loved ones. In fact, being an immigrant and supporting the opposition is a contradiction. I hope most people understand this. I understand that every nation needs counterweights, but not of the caliber we have now in Mexico with the members of the “opposition”: the perfidious and the sellers of the country. We need a real opposition that seeks benefits for the Mexicans, and not only protects the interests of private business, including international ones.

*Agustín Duran is the editor of Metro en La Opinión, the only Spanish-language newspaper in California. Thank you for reading to the end.

Author: Augustine Duran
Source: La Opinion


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