“Trojan Horse” for Ukraine: China’s “peace plan” fully coordinated with the Russian Federation, – media

According to Seth Cropsey, head of the Yorktown Institute, the United States should abandon the illusion that it has some kind of “Chinese card” to contain the Russian Federation, as Beijing has no desire to come up with real peace proposals and mediate in ending the war. in Ukraine.

China’s so-called “peace plan” to resolve the war in Ukraine testifies to Beijing’s full coordination and mutual support with Moscow. Seth Cropsey, founder and president of the Yorktown Institute, writes in his March 12 column in The Hill.

“China believes that the current war supports its own interests, that is, a Russian victory is fully compatible with China’s strategy,” said Cropsey.

According to the expert, this conclusion can be reached by analyzing China’s “peace plan”. Although China is committed to respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries within the framework of the UN, Beijing does not take any stance on the borders of Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

The key point in this context is the second point of the “plan”. He says China opposes the “Cold War mentality”, specifically referring to the expansion of military blocs and states that “seek their own security at the expense of the safety of others”.

The expert said, “It is not aimed at Russia, as it may seem at first glance. It is aimed at NATO, which was the first military bloc of the Cold War period and emerged more than six years before the Warsaw Pact.”

According to Seth Cropsey, China is saying that “all parties should support Russia and Ukraine”, literally saying that only Eurasians should decide Eurasian affairs. Thus, Beijing shows Moscow’s full support.

Cropsey believes there are three consequences from China’s position.

  • First, China can provide military assistance to Russia in the form of UAVs and equipment spare parts. According to the expert, such assistance will significantly support the military-industrial base of the Russian Federation.
  • Second, Beijing does not want to make real peace proposals or mediate in ending the war in Ukraine. With this in mind, the United States should not go after the illusion of seeking a “Chinese card” to impress the Russian Federation.
  • Third, China’s “peace plan” is as much an “olive branch” for Europe as it is a declaration of support for the Russian Federation. Beijing is sending a signal to the EU in the form of a proposal to abandon non-Eurasian influence.

Recall that on February 24, President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on China’s “peace plan” and contained articles that did not fit Ukraine, especially on territorial integrity.

We also wrote that according to Chinese military experts from the Academy of Military Sciences in Beijing, the Russia-Ukraine war will end in the summer of 2023. The Chinese study showed that Russia will allegedly prevail over Ukraine.

Source: Focus


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