‘Moscow endured for a long time’: Medvedev describes Ukraine as part of ‘great Russia’ (video)

According to the former president of the Russian Federation, the two states separated due to geopolitical reasons and history and “live in different flats”. However, Ukraine “has always been part of the Russian Empire, and even inhabited by an indigenous Russian population,” he said.

Former Russian President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev said that Ukraine cannot be a part of NATO because it has experience in creating and deploying nuclear weapons and is “part of Russia” in general. He expressed this in an interview with Russian journalists on March 22.

According to him, the Soviet Union collapsed due to “inadequate leadership and foreign intervention”, but according to him, the ties between people remained the same.

“Well, how do you think, for example, that Ukraine will be part of NATO? But in general the missiles are produced in Ukraine, it has its own nuclear weapons complex, and as a result we will have a neighbor. It is part of a hostile bloc and will also produce nuclear weapons. Moreover, Ukraine is Russia part of it,” he said.

Medvedev believes that the two states separated and “live in different flats” for geopolitical reasons and history, and Russia has endured this for a long time.

He added that with the exception of a few regions that became part of the USSR after WWII, the rest of the territory of Ukraine “has always been part of the Russian Empire and even inhabited by the original Russian population.”

“We have always been part of Russia in the strict sense of the word: not little Russia, but great Russia,” summed up the former president of the Russian Federation.

Recall that on March 22, Dmitry Medvedev threatened the world with “nuclear apocalypse” because of the supply of weapons to Ukraine. According to him, Russia’s opponents “miscalculated” by refusing to sign an agreement on “non-enlargement of NATO” and its “withdrawal” to its 1997 borders.

On March 20, a Russian politician commented on the ICC ordering the arrest of Vladimir Putin. According to that. All problems can be “solved” by launching missiles towards civilized countries.

Source: Focus


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