The expert states that Putin conducted military reconnaissance in Poland and Romania before the war with NATO started.

According to Grigory Perepelitsa, Russian propaganda is now trying to spread in Europe the view that NATO is nothing more than a “soap bubble”.

The alliance’s fearful policies could push Russian President Vladimir Putin to invade one of the NATO countries. Comments about this Focus said retired captain 1st rank Grigory Perepelitsa, director of the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

According to him, the incidents regarding missiles and drones falling in Poland and Romania may be a sign that the Kremlin is preparing an attack in the short term.

“What we are seeing in Poland and Romania is real preparation for combat operations. The war begins with reconnaissance in force, which is happening now. Moreover, this uncertainty and lethargy further undermines the reputation of the Alliance, and it is only a “soap bubble” “Russian propaganda is already doing this,” he says. Focus expert.

According to Perepelitsa, Putin has not given up on the idea of ​​invading Europe and is making discoveries about the Alliance’s reaction and defense systems through NATO provocations.

“It seems to me that it will not be long before a missile attack is carried out on one of these countries. Then we will see how quickly Brussels will react to the situation and reach Article 5. We must not forget that decisions must be made. “Hungary understands this now, the expert said. “Prime Minister Orban has already stated that he will not allow NATO troops and equipment to pass through his territory,” he said.

Read more in the material Focus “Drone attack on Romania: Is Putin conducting reconnaissance in force before war with NATO?”

Source: Focus


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