“Reserve for 25-50 years”: Zelensky was told whether the Russian Federation can fight against Ukraine for a long time

According to Mikhail Podolyak, advisor to the head of the OP, the enemy makes it clear that he is ready to advance on Kiev and the West, but there is also a chance to freeze the conflict. In this case, the Kremlin will avoid responsibility for all crimes committed.

The Russians continue to accumulate technical and human resources to continue their war with Ukraine. Advisor to the head of the Presidential Office, Mikhail Podolyak, in an interview with Channel 24, told how long they will have such an opportunity.

According to him, the Russians are transferring a lot of equipment to the front line and also carrying out mobilization processes because the people are ready to die for the ambitions of President Vladimir Putin. In parallel, the number and intensity of mass attacks using missiles and UAVs against peaceful cities increased.

So this is a kind of signal to Kiev and the West that the Kremlin is ready to fight for a long time and supposedly has the resources for this. So, they imply that a frozen conflict is the best outcome.

“The question is: Do they have these resources for a long war? No. Can they compensate for the losses they have suffered through military production? No they cannot. Do they still have certain capabilities today? Yes they do. III Mikhail Podolyak said, “Especially from the shells coming from North Korea and certain I’m talking about ranged missiles. Are they ready for an endless war? “No, they are not,” he said.

If the enemy really had a huge amount of resources, continues the advisor to the head of the OP, he would not repeat the word “negotiations” every other day, wanting to end the conflict on certain conditions.

There are several points that mean a frozen conflict, and the Kremlin understands this. First of all, this will allow Russia to claim that it did not lose. Accordingly, it will not assume any legal liability.

Moreover, from now on, Moscow will try to involve different states in discussions, for example, to resolve the issue of frozen assets. Lawsuits will also be filed regarding interference in certain processes, including military aid from the West.

A long war with Russia: is Ukraine ready?

Separately, the question of whether Ukraine has the resources for a long war has also been raised. Mikhail Podolyak said that when it comes to survival or moving around the world without a state, there is no question of whether there is a resource or not. It is impossible to fight on the same level with a large archaic country, because the enemy will try to capture it in numbers anyway. At this time, Kiev needs to continue working with partners.

“There are technological solutions that exceed the quality of weapons in quantity. Then there is no need to fight with equality with “thousands against thousands”. Then we need to fight with “ten against thousands”. Then these tools are needed. The important thing is that our partners have no solution to postpone or freeze this war is to understand that it is not,” said Mikhail Podolyak.

Long war with Russia: West’s actions

You should also ignore media campaigns by Western politicians claiming that they may be in direct conflict with Russia in a few years, so they should invest in military production in the future.

The advisor to the president of the OP says that it is time for them to realize that a war is already going on on the European continent, in which Russia is directly involved. At the same time, if the Kremlin loses, there will be no one left to attack in 3-5 years. Accordingly, we need some more help from partners.

“Everything that is in the arsenals and warehouses needs to be given to today’s war. Because this war is so important, when Ukraine wins, you will have a reserve of 25 to 50 years to rethink what the European security space is and why Russia is.” Not Europe. Well, take appropriate precautions. If Russia wins, then you don’t have 3-5 years because the war will happen tomorrow. Here another question arises: Will you have time to significantly increase your military production? How much will it cost? ?” – says Mikhail Podolyak.

In this regard, the OP representative said that it would be much cheaper to help Ukraine today than to wait for the Russian Armed Forces to invade another European country.

Let us remind you that on January 18, it was reported that the Ministry of Defense determined the conditions for ending the war in Ukraine. According to Deputy Minister Ivan Gavrilyuk, one person dies every 10 minutes in the country due to the actions of the Russians. In any case, the conflict will end in negotiations, but on Kiev’s terms. No one has the right to be tired anymore.

Source: Focus


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