Spain recalled its ambassador to Argentina: President Miley insulted Prime Minister Sanchez’s wife

The international scandal reached a new level after Miley called the wife of the Spanish prime minister “corrupt”. He later refused to apologize.

Spain recalled its ambassador to Argentina. Official Madrid accused President Miley of insulting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s wife, Maria Begoña Gomez Fernandez. El Pais writes about it.

The scandal broke last week. Later, while in Madrid, Argentine President Javier Miley hinted at the possible corruption of the wife of Spanish Prime Minister socialist Pedro Sanchez.

Speaking at the conference organized by the Spanish right-wing party Vox in Madrid before the European Parliament elections, Argentinian President Javier Miley criticized the ideas of socialism.

The Argentinian leader said, “What does socialism mean? It means giving up everything from economy to culture… This means mountains of corpses. Opening the doors to socialism means inviting death in.”

And he mentioned the wife of the Spanish Prime Minister, commenting on the recent scandal in which Spanish prosecutors opened a preliminary investigation against Begoña on corruption charges. However, the case was shelved due to lack of evidence. On April 24, Sanchez published an open letter to his wife in which he said she should “stop and think” following accusations that she “approved letters of recommendation to businessmen competing for government contracts.”

Miley joked: “Let’s say, if you found out you had a corrupt wife and it damaged your reputation, then you would take a break to think about it.”

The Argentinian ambassador was recalled for consultations last weekend. And now the head of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albarez, has said that the ambassador will not return to Buenos Aires.

Because the Argentinian President refused to apologize for his words. He called the ambassador’s recollection “nonsense” and recommended that Sanchez “find a good lawyer for his wife.” The Spanish Prime Minister said that he was ready to make any statement with his wife in the Senate if he was invited.

However, this radical measure does not mean cutting off diplomatic relations. The Charge d’Affaires will maintain responsibility for the embassy. The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs also assured that Madrid will appoint a new ambassador when the crisis is over.

Let’s remember that Javier Miley, who calls himself an “anarcho-capitalist”, won the elections last November and promised to reduce Argentina’s huge public debt to zero. He has previously supported Ukraine and said he would not be Xi Jinping’s friend because “the communists are not his friends.”

Source: Focus


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