“The point once and for all”: Budanov told how he sees the end of the war in Ukraine

Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, is confident that the scenarios of Korea, Moldova and Germany will not work for Russia. He accused Russian leader Vladimir Putin of “undermining the global security system.”

There are only two ways to overcome the destructive impact of Russian propaganda. Lieutenant General Kirill Budanov, Head of the Main Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense, explained this issue in more detail on June 21.

According to the intelligence officer, we are talking about “some kind of force majeure situation” or a very long-term, systematic study, the result of which will only be visible in a few decades.

“For Putin (Russian President Vladimir – ed.) the most important thing is internal stability, hence control over the media, problems of working with society, control of the masses, etc. They spend everything they have on issues. It is even possible to dream – not just money”, Budanov emphasized.

For this reason, he explained, Russia in particular was hesitant to embark on a new wave of open mobilization. The Kremlin is afraid of a negative reaction from society, and according to the general, they are not mistaken.

The Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate admitted that he is a supporter of the inseparable approach of force and diplomacy in the conflict with the Russian Federation.

“Neither the Korean scenario, nor the Moldavian scenario, nor the German scenario are possible; none of them will work. This needs to be resolved once and for all,” assured Budanov.

He noted that there are all signs that the world order established after the Second World War is collapsing. In his opinion, the war in Ukraine shows that “one person is undermining the global security system.” The general believes that the world must now either return to the old order or accept the beginning of a new order.

Let us also remind that the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine commented on the new night attack tactics of the Russian invaders. The military noted that “even the resources of such a large country are not unlimited.”

On the night of June 21, the Russian Armed Forces lost a Ka-29 helicopter shot down by its own fighters. According to social networks, the Ka-29 was flying towards Crimea to repel the attack of Ukrainian unmanned sea boats.

Source: Focus


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