The Cabinet of Ministers must return the mandatory declaration of income for the board of directors of Ukrenergo – Korolchuk

The costs of managing NEC Ukrenergo, headed by Vladimir Kudrytsky, should be open to society and regulatory authorities. Now the company’s board members refuse to provide journalists with “individual” information about their income and spend significant amounts of money on purchasing luxury real estate. Yuri Korolchuk, an expert at the Institute of Energy Strategies, writes about this in his blog on the Gordon website.

The expert points out that in 2019, on the initiative of the Council of Ministers, Ukrenergo’s board of directors was exempt from mandatory income declaration.

“When the Cabinet of Ministers decided to reorganize the state-owned enterprise Ukrenergo by turning it into a private joint-stock company whose majority shareholder is represented by the Ministry of Energy, the relevant decision was successfully lobbied. the same – in both cases the company is state-owned, but now Ukrenergo “has become a subject of private law, and therefore its top managers are excluded from the list of civil servants who are required by law to declare their ownership status. The expert notes that the last statement by Ukrenergo leaders, including Kudrytsky, dates back to 2019.

According to him, due to the absence of mandatory declaration, the management of the state company refuses to provide journalists with accurate information about its income. At the same time, the total income of the Ukrenergo board of directors in some months exceeds 8 million hryvnia.

“In April this year, 4 members of the board of directors, including Ukrenergo chairman Vladimir Kudrytsky, divided among themselves UAH 8.5 million in salaries and other payments. It is not known how much of this amount Kudrytsky received because Ukrenergo responded to a journalist’s request. Yuri Korolchuk writes from the media that the law does not force them to declare their salaries “one by one.”

The expert also noted recent media reports that the family of the head of NPC Ukrenergo Vladimir Kudrytsky owns a land plot in Kiev.

“There is a whole story about the purchase of a house, the price of the land decreased five times (500 thousand UAH instead of the real 3 million UAH), registration of the asset in the name of the spouse, the price of the house is very “fat” (12-16 million UAH). The Blackosintbox OSINT project on the investigation Kudritsky’s “everyday affairs” is more than indicative. In a word, Kudritsky did everything the same way we do. The energy expert notes that partners in the European Union and the United States did not like it, but for some reason no one kicked him out.

According to him, given the unknown source of funds used for the purchase of houses and tax evasion, these facts form the basis for the initiation of criminal proceedings by NABU and SAPO. Also, an expert from the Energy Research Institute believes that the Cabinet of Ministers should return mandatory statements regarding the management of NPC Ukrenergo.

“I believe that the authorities should pay attention to Kudrytsky’s antics.” Considering the company and the billion-dollar transactions around the company, Prime Minister Denis Shmygal and Minister German Galushchenko need to initiate the issue of the return of the mandatory declaration of income and wealth for Ukrenergo. Yuri Korolchuk summarized the activities of his administration, the need for this has matured and “ripened”.

Source: Focus


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