“More chances”: Orban says when negotiations will begin, according to Putin and Xi Jinping

According to the Hungarian Prime Minister, the situation on the front lines will be much more dramatic than before in the next few months. In this context, the politician suggested that the EU should support the peace initiative before the US starts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping believe in the claim that Moscow and Kiev will sit at the negotiating table by the end of the year. This is stated in the El País material.

The European Union has reacted with concern to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s visits to Moscow and Beijing. In secret reports sent to European Council President Charles Michel and leaders of several states, the Budapest-based politician wrote that Europe should launch a peace initiative without waiting for the United States.

Moreover, the front lines in Ukraine will be more dramatic than ever in the next two months.

“Based on my conversations, I think that all possible ceasefire proposals and the roadmap for peace negotiations are now more likely to be welcomed… The political leadership provided by the US is limited due to the ongoing election campaign. Therefore, we should expect them to present such a proposal in the coming months. We should consider that launching a European initiative is in the spirit of Europe’s strategic autonomy,” Viktor Orbán’s report reads.

The Hungarian Prime Minister also added in his letters that he had spoken with the Chinese President about possible conflict scenarios in Ukraine after the US presidential elections in November this year. The new head of the White House will face pressure in the future to show quick political results even before taking office.

Viktor Orban also told Xi Jinping that a ceasefire leading to peace talks could be of interest to the new administration in Washington, but the Chinese leader left that scenario without comment.

The leaders of the Russian Federation and China are convinced that new peace talks between Moscow and Kiev can be held before the end of the year, a politician from Budapest said.

“Therefore, the Russian President was surprised by the Ukrainian President’s rejection of the temporary ceasefire proposal,” Viktor Orban said.

Negotiations with the Russian Federation: Ukraine’s position

At the same time, on July 4, the Ukrainian president commented on various proposals to conclude a ceasefire agreement with the Russian Federation. According to Vladimir Zelensky, he does not want trouble for his country, and during a theoretical “ceasefire” Moscow will clearly want to strike a powerful blow, so why not accuse Kiev of allegedly violating the agreements?

“So if it happens on the international platform, in the presence of trusted leaders of the countries, there may be different views, different opinions on the stages of ending the war, but they need to be on the same side and trust each other,” the Ukrainian president said.

Let’s recall, on July 10, it was reported that NATO estimated how many more years the war in Ukraine will last. The alliance official said that the allies warned that the conflict will not end soon. According to him, the war will have tangible consequences for the Russian Federation, but the Russians are not against it.

At the same time, it was reported that on July 6, representatives of Vladimir Zelensky allowed peace proposals to be transferred to Russia through third countries. Bankova believes that negotiations should begin with the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine. The mediator country must fully understand who is the victim and who is the aggressor in a major war.

Source: Focus


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