Brazil has unveiled the jersey it will wear in Qatar in 2022, with which it will compete for the six-time league title.

The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) this Sunday unveiled the official jersey that Canarinha will wear at the 2022 World Cup in which he will try his sixth world title, which stands out with prints that mimic jaguar spots.

The new jersey, which some sports portals leaked this week without confirmation, was shown in a video posted by CBF on its Twitter page and will be launched on Monday by its manufacturer, multinational Nike.

“The bright and bold uniform of the Brazilian team in 2022 pays tribute to the courage and culture of people who never give up. Inspired by the claw and beauty of the jaguar, the shirt unites all Brazilians,” he said. Confederation in its edition.

The video mentions “claw” several times the team of a five-time world champion and one of the favorites for the title in Qatar, and He connects this concept with the painted jaguar, one of the most typical animals in Brazil, the largest feline in all of the Americas, and the third largest in the world.

The video includes images of both the athletic uniform and the traditional yellow shirt and alternative blue shirt.Yes, like the one for training (black) and the one for the lines (goalkeepers).

The biggest highlight of the new shirts is the Animal print.which allows you to see the typical jaguar spots, especially on the blue shirt, as they are more visible on the sleeve.

Another novelty is the new blue details that have been incorporated into the traditional “Canarinha” shirt as an additional color next to the green. Blue stands out not only on the sides of the CBF shield, but also on the manufacturer’s trademark logo.

The neck also has a typical green border. but also the new blue stitching and the cuffs are also green but with blue stripes.

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Author: EFE
Source: La Opinion


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