Boxer Tishchenko made a bet on Gassiev in the fight against Welch

Photo: © Izvestia/Andrey Ershtrem

Russian amateur boxer, two-time Olympic champion Alexei Tishchenko named his favorite in the fight between Russian Murat Gassiev and American Carlusa Welch.

Serbia will host a professional boxing tournament. Welch and Gassiev will fight. I want to say that the favorite in this fight is Murat Gassiev. I am confident in his victory, despite the fact that Murat had a rather long break after his last fight. Still, I am sure that he will be able to defeat his opponent.“, – said Tishchenko .

In his opinion, Gassiev has more experience than Welch.

I am sure that, most likely, the fight will end ahead of schedule, since the opponent is less known and, in principle, less skillful. He, of course, is too tough for our Russian boxer. And Murat needs to set new goals for himself and move on, try to get in shape after a long downtime. Conduct as many fights as possible. One of those fights will be Welch in Serbia. I am sure that Gassiev will win and do it ahead of schedule“, concluded the interlocutor.

Recall that the meeting of Russian and American boxers will be held as part of the “Battle of the Kalemegdan Fortress” tournament. will show the live broadcast of this event.

In addition, viewers of the channel will see another confrontation – the battle of the Russian fighter Alexander Shlemenko against the Serb Alexander Ilic, nicknamed the Joker. Their fight will take place in Yekaterinburg as part of the RCC 12 tournament.

Source: Ren


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