In Zurich vs. Arsenal observed a moment of silence in the second half after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Zurich and Arsenal played their match in the UEFA Europa League, the second most important club level tournament in Europe.There was a moment of silence after the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the beginning of the second half match ended in favor of Arsenal.

The game ended with the score 2:1 in favor of the English team and in which 22 players left the field after the first 45 minutes of the match and the break, an emotional gesture was experienced in the address of Queen Elizabeth, who learned of her death.

AFG Arena was a place where an emotional gesture was experiencedAnd in where do you live in the moment of many questions, Well now entire Premier League, have to go back to England to continue their walkbut knowing great loss that the English land has suffered.

England team used goals Marquinhos and Eddie Nketiah to win by goals over Zurich which he scored thanks to Mirlind Krieziu.

Manchester United and Real Sociedad also held a moment of silence.

In the same vein Cristiano Ronaldo painting, who also sent t-shirts to the queen had a moment of silence at Old Trafford, a sports facility that currently sees the first date of the same European competition played out.

queen death

From Buckingham Palace they have confirmed the death of the monarch that this year 2022 will mark 70 years on the throne. “Lillibet” died this Thursday at Balmoral Castle located in Scotlandthere was news that shocked not only the game, but the whole world.

Author: Gregory Torres
Source: La Opinion


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