Gerardo Martino has criticized the signing of Hector Herrera MLS: Tata considers it a “waste” that the Mexican is in the United States.

The arrival of Hector Herrera for football in the United States brought a lot of inconvenience. among fans and analysts of Aztec football. Many believed that the Mexican still had wood for compete in Europe. Under the same line moves Gerardo Martino, strategist who called it a “waste” that Herrera is in the MLS Houston Dynamo.

“I have a lot of respect for Hector as a footballer. If he had asked me to come to Houston, I would have refused, but there was no intervention.. It was a waste that he did not continue to show high results, but I consider it a waste that he did not remain at a high level. It was one of the best. I don’t know anything and I’m talking about what I would like, ”Tata said in an interview with the publication. Roberto Gomez Junco.

The Mexican deserves a place in Atlético Madrid Diego Simeone. Herrera played with the Colchoneros in first tier matches in the Spanish league or the UEFA Champions League. But HH changed the elite to secure his future at 32.

“In short, we assume that they are professional players of the national team. In Herrera’s case, he didn’t get that many minutes at Atlético Madrid, but He competed with Koke, with (Jeffrey) Kondogbia, and when I brought him in, the player was ready. He put it on (Diego Simeone) and changed the face of the team”, he explained.

Bad version for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar

At the moment, Hector Herrera will not come to the World Cup in his best form. The Mexican football player has not played for more than a month as a result of the early departure of the Houston team. In his first season on the team “HH” was only able to play eight games and had an assist to his credit. Without a doubt, the best version of the Aztec remained in Europe, and Tata prays that he will return to World Cup in Qatar 2022.

Author: Wilson Flores
Source: La Opinion


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