Argentine journalist joked about Pele’s death and was attacked on social networks

The sports world was shocked to learn of the death of Edson Arantes do Nascimento, better known as Pelé. One of the Argentine journalist’s reactions during the live broadcast sparked outrage on social media after he joked about colon cancer “Oh Rey” and the match the legendary striker played with Brazil’s Santos against Santa Fe’s Colon.

Alejandro Fabbri took advantage of a live broadcast from TyC Sports to make a stupid joke that caused a stir on Twitter and had to apologize shortly after.

“Pele, look what. It’s strange what I’m about to say. To those who are able, who do not like it. Pelé came with Santos to play at the Stadio Colón in Santa Fe in 1964, when Colón was in Liga B they played a friendly match. Colon, who only the following year for the first time promoted to the First Division, beat him with a score of 2: 1, and from that moment the Colon stadium was nicknamed the Cemetery of the Elephants, after that Santos from Brazil, ”he began in his story. .

However, the controversy will break out in the second part of his speech. “And, curiously, this was sent to me by a friend who was half in black humor, Pele is dying of colon cancer. Some kind of half-stupid, half-curious, but amazing thing.

Fabbri received a wave of criticism and scathing comments after his controversial comparison, as many netizens considered it disrespectful.

“You missed some of the information. Pele dated Xuxa for a while. Xuxa was a model: this is clearly related to Daniel Alberto … PASSARELLA. Investigative journalism,” one user sarcastically remarked.

“Fabbri has always represented IMPUNITY from the word (what we call journalism). The guy for many years can (he knows that he can) stand in front of the microphone and say literally anything: any barbarism that is dictated to him or comes to mind. A little serious; not very fair,” was another criticism of the communicator.

public apology

Noticing all the commotion caused by his appearance on television, the Argentine journalist was forced to use his Twitter account to apologize and make sure that it was just a black humor joke.

“Many football fans were offended and I apologize. I didn’t mean to make fun of Pele or anything like that. I said it was a matter of black humor, that’s all. Regret. It won’t happen again,” he wrote.

Last Thursday, December 29, due to multiple organ failure caused by colon cancer, which he suffered from last year and after a month in the hospital, Pelé passed away.


Author: Alfredo Di Cesare
Source: La Opinion


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