Rodriguez threatened Navruzov with a knockout: “Let’s put an end to it”

Photo: © Izvestia/PAVEL VOLKOV

Rodriguez threatened Navruzov with a knockout: “Let’s put an end to it”

Photo: © Izvestia/PAVEL VOLKOV

In a matter of days, a grandiose battle will break out in Minsk. Participants enter the ring “Fight club “to find out who is the best kickboxer in uncompromising fights. Viewers of our channel will see this confrontation live. Two intercontinental battles will head the evening at once. Russian Gadzhi Navruzov and Belarusian Petr Romankevich will fight against Brazilians Fernando Rodriguez and Saulo Cavalari. All participants are not motivated, they are ready to literally swallow their rivals. Correspondent “Izvestia” Oleg Baryshev was convinced of this.

While Gadzhi Navruzov happily finished off the head of Fernando Rodriguez from the cream, the real Brazilian was still in the air. He did not find the performance of Gadzhi’s team. And this is even good, otherwise the fight could start ahead of time. Fernando Rodriguez says that Navruzov will have to eat a pood of salt in battle.

“This time I will not let the judges decide, I will knock him out to put an end to this confrontation,” Fernando Rodriguez said.

The meeting place cannot be changed ” Fight Club”. Tournament participants trained in different parts of the world and returned charged for a grand show.

“The legend is here. Let’s do a show”, – says Artem Tarasov.

The paths of Navruzov and Rodriguez crossed in the studio “Izvestia”. This face-to-face claims to be the most magical in martial arts.

“This magic of yours won’t help. Brazil go ahead,” Rodriguez says.

Wearing a jacket with dollars over his naked body, Gadzhi explains that at the sterdown he showed a movement that he learned in spiritual practice classes. And yoga exercises help him fight.

“I go to yoga. I don’t sit on the twine. Pants, you see,” Gage says.

Spectators at the tournament see the rise and fall of fighters with vivid life stories. Piotr Romankevich is a hard worker from Belarus. He succeeded step by step, with sweat and blood. Now he fights in the main event of the evening with the Brazilian Saulo Cavalari.

“This is not the first time I have been fighting at the fight club. This is a big responsibility for me. Moreover, now I will perform in my homeland. , a really serious opponent, was the champion of Glory”, Romankevich says.

Saulo Cavalari did his homework “excellent”, he studied all the fights of Romankevich, which he managed to find on the Web. The verdict sounds self-confident, but how else in martial arts.

“Peter, I found the key to your fights, and they are difficult. Yes, a very strong opponent. You are a good fighter, a good kickboxer.says Cavalari.

Your mark of quality for the tournament already assigned to Batu Khasikov: kickboxing legend, absolute world champion.

“I’m very happy that we managed to draw up such a card, which includes fights for every taste. We see legends. We see famous sportsmen fighters who, let’s say, have formed their audience among young people”, Batu Khasikov said.

Fights await, of course, not only Minsk, but fans of fire martial arts around the world. Soon athletes will move from words to deeds. Hot live on already this Friday.

Recall live will show four fights according to the rules of kickboxing as part of the tournament “Fight Club . Super Series” February 17. Undercard broadcasts will be available in the group in VK Video.

The main event of the fight evening will be the battle between Belarusian athlete Piotr Romankevich and Brazilian kickboxer Saulo Cavalari.

In the co-main battle of the tournament, Gadzhi Avtomat Navruzov and Fernando Rodriguez will fight.

Also on the evening of February 17, the audience will see pop-MMA star Artem Tarasov on the screens, who will enter the ring against David Khachatryan, the champion of Armenia in kickboxing. The fourth fight will be the fight between Islam Murtazaev and Sergey Ponomarev.

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