The Dallas Cowboys are the team with the best fans in the NFL, and the Rams are the surprise in box four.

Research conducted showed that The Dallas Cowboys are the biggest fan base in the world. NFL. They are followed by the San Francisco 49ers and in the third box are the Kansas City Chiefs. Surprise presented Los Angeles Rams is in the fourth box above the Seattle Seahawks, who are in fifth place.

This study is based on an analysis of eight metrics, including social media followers, engagement, and average likes., average home, away and total attendance, as well as average annual spending on merchandise and food and drink during games. Each of these indicators received 10 points and they were combined.

Rams fans (Photo: David Yulitt – Getty Images)

Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers

According to the aforementioned investigation, the Dallas Cowboys are the team with the best fans., have the highest average home attendance (93,465) and a total of 82,915. A poll of fans of all NFL teams found that Dallas Cowboys fans are among the biggest spenders, spending an average of $279.81 on merchandise and $147.68 on in-stadium food and drink.

For their part, even though the 49ers have the highest social media engagement rate of 2.96%, this shows that there is a fan presence both online and in games. In second place are San Francisco residents, who also have one of the highest rates away from home, at 70,571.. Their overall average attendance is also one of the highest at 71,131. Fans also spend an average of about $210.31 annually on merchandise.

49ers fans celebrating (Photo: Lachlan Cunningham – Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs and Rebound Rams

Like the 49ers Chiefs have a high engagement rate of 2.51% and an average of 66,608 likes per post on their social media.. The Chiefs’ average attendance is 73,499 at home and 70,764 away. However, compared to the teams that took first and second place. Despite this, fans are spending less on merchandise priced at $170.45 and food and drink at $87.11.

The Los Angeles Rams broke into Pot 4 with a solid online participation rate of 2.30%.. Along with their overall average attendance of 69,175. Surveys also showed that Rams fans spend $332.08 a year on merchandise, one of the highest averages. On matchdays, fans spend an average of $99.47, slightly less than other league fanbases.

Los Angeles Rams fans (Photo: Joe Scarnici – Getty Images)

Other teams with the best fan bases in the NFL

In fifth position are the Seattle Seahawks., and in the sixth field, the Las Vegas Raiders are listed in the list of NFL teams with the best fans. The Pittsburgh Steelers are in seventh position.

The Buffalo Bills break through to eighth while the New England Patriots are in ninth and the Houston Texans are in tenth.

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Author: Arnaldo Fernandez
Source: La Opinion


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