Rafael Nadal told how long it will take to recover after two operations

Rafael Nadal, who underwent surgery on Friday afternoon, will need “approximately five months tofor a normal recovery,” reads a medical report released this Saturday.

Nadal underwent arthroscopic surgery due to a left psoas tendon injury that kept him out of competition. The intervention was carried out at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona by doctors Marc Philippon, Jaume Vilaro and Ángel Ruiz-Cotorro.

“The operation was successful, it consisted in cleaning the fibrous and degenerative areas of the tendon both in the proximal and distal parts, as well as the suture of the same to strengthen it adequately. In the second period, the old lesion of the upper lip of the left thigh was also settled, which will undoubtedly help the tendon to develop better,” the report states.

“Rafa will begin his progressive functional rehabilitation in a few hours and the normal recovery process is estimated at 5 months.always taking into account the observance of the biological time of the indicated structure,” the doctors conclude.

The Spanish player and top Grand Slam winner made the announcement on social media and clarified what treatment he has undergone to be ready for 2024, which could be his retirement year.

“Hello everyone. As you know, I had surgery last night. Everything went well and arthroscopy It was in my left lumbar tendon that kept me from competing since January,” wrote the Spanish champion.

Following in the footsteps of the published medical report, Rafa added that “an old injury to the upper lip of my left thigh has also been repaired, which will certainly help better tendon development.”

Rafa announced that he would immediately begin “progressive functional rehabilitation and a normal recovery process, I was told it would take 5 months if all went well.”

“Thank you again for all the support you have given me and which you give me every day. Today is also my birthday. Not in the desired place or the place that we dreamed of, although THANK YOU in any case, ”concluded Rafael Nadal.

They claim that Rafael Nadal was already planning his retirement with the next move to his home in Mallorca.

Rafael Nadal announced that he would not play at Roland Garros, and spoke about a possible retirement from tennis

Author: EFE
Source: La Opinion


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