Alexis Vega will not be operated on due to a knee injury and is out of action indefinitely.

“Alexis Vega is undergoing final tests to ascertain the extent of the possible injury,” Paunovic, CTO of Chivas, said yesterday, Wednesday, the day he later The official press release confirmed the problems that the Mexican striker of the Guadalajara team has.

Now, director of the Sports Sciences of Guadalajara, Jaime Figueroa was responsible for making the striker’s medical report public. who visited the clinic for research accompanied by his family last Wednesday.

Chivas is ranked 18th in the Concacaf.
Alexis Vega, Chivas de Guadalajara player in the MX League. Photo: Juan Carlos Nunez Cubeiro – Imago 7.

The specified person was responsible for revealing all the details of Vega’s injury, Mexican element that won’t need surgery yetwill have to constantly evaluate to find out when he will return to the fields of Mexican football.

“We have good news about Alexis’ health, We completed the examination, and it was found that he had articular wear on the lateral condyle of his right knee, which was already known and it was getting worse,” Figueroa said.

“Forecast about his re-inclusion in the group and that he can claim the title of Professor Paunovich. It will depend on the evolution that the player will show in regards to the recovery plan we have put together for him.” added.

Alexis Vega,
Alexis Vega, “10” Chivas de las Chivas de Guadalajara at Akron Stadium. Photo: Imago7/ Lorena Barba.

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Author: Gregory Torres
Source: La Opinion


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