The Venezuelan soccer player and World Cup competitor fled her country through the Darien jungle in search of a better future.

Franeli Rodriguez, the goalkeeper of the Venezuelan national team, fled her country through the dangerous jungle of search of a better future and conditions that he did not achieve as an athlete.

The Venezuelan has played in important leagues such as Colombia and France.but according to information, he did not receive the necessary conditions and support to lead a decent life even as a football player.

Rodriguez, 25, came to play with La Vinotinto at the 2017 U-20 World Cup in Papua New Guinea and the 2014 U-17 World Cup in Costa Rica.She was also named Best Goalkeeper of the South American Championship with her team.

He would have recently retired from football after wearing the colors of America de Cali in Colombia and returning to Venezuela was clearly not an option.

The Venezuelan is currently in the United States.more precisely in Phoenix, where, according to the portal Sports todayalready He has a job at the barbershop.. “Everyone lives with their own experience, believe me, it was not easy, we were persecuted, robbed. We are all human, and it is unfair that we pay for others, those of us who want to do good.“Fanielli said in an interview, almost coming from a difficult track.

With great faith and clear consequences of such a challenging journey, The Venezuelan assured that she hoped to continue achieving her goals and that despite being an elite footballer and having set foot in the US before, it was not enough for them and she faced many obstacles..

The Venezuelan footballer joins more than 7 million migrants who have left the South American country in search of a better future, where conditions for athletes are no longer the best.

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Author: Arnaldo Fernandez
Source: La Opinion


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