Impressed by their resilience: a team from Ukraine finished rowing at the World Championships on a sunken boat (video)

Athletes rowed to the finish line, the submersion of the boat did not stop them. The Ukrainians managed to take the sixth place in the 2 km swim.

In the Dragon rowing race held in Thailand, Ukrainian athletes managed to reach the finish line while their boats were flooded. The video was shown on Facebook by the Ukrainian Dragon Boating Federation (UDBF).

Judging by the footage, the boat did indeed go under water, but the athletes did not stop. The Ukrainians, who were in the water up to their chest, continued to row to the finish line. The competitions were held at a distance of 2 kilometers.

“Ukraine always fights to the end,” said the authors of the video.

The federation reported that Ukrainian athletes ranked sixth among nine teams in swimming. Photos of the team from Ukraine were also shown on the page of the championship in Thailand.

“The power of the human spirit. We will support you. We support Ukraine,” said the organizers of the tournament.

The Ukrainian Sports Committee said that the Ukrainians unusually exceeded the last meters in the open class at the World Championships in rowing on the “Dragon” boats.

The sports committee commented on the competition, “Fight until the end… They didn’t give up, they kept on fighting and finished in 6th place out of 9 teams. Bravo for the character.”

Recall that Oleksandr Dykyy, the multiple rowing champion of Ukraine, died in the Donbass. He trained at the Vodnik rowing base in the Ukrainian capital.

Focus He also wrote that Ukraine may stop boycotting sports competitions in which athletes from Russia and Belarus participate. To do this, they must leave under a neutral flag.

Source: Focus


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