Sergio Rico leaves the hospital after more than 80 days in the hospital and a serious horse accident.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Seville goalkeeper Sergio Rico left the Virgen del Rocío hospital in Seville this Friday.after being hospitalized for a horse accident on May 28 while on a pilgrimage to El Rocío (Huelva) and hopes his recovery as an athlete “will soon be ready and back in football”.

Accompanied by his wife Alba Silva and greeted with applause by the people who were in the hospital, Sergio Rico left the hospital on his own, visibly thinner and smiling. and expressed gratitude to all those who “has taken a minute to send me a message.”

The goalkeeper revealed that “despite not being completely” in control of the aneurysm that forced him to undergo surgery three weeks ago. “You have to stay calm, calm and continue to recover at home for months,” which he will do, “following in the footsteps of doctors, which is the most important thing.”

“Thank you for the respect you have shown to my entire family, first of all to my wife, my club, Paris, Seville, colleagues and people who took a moment of rest. time to send me a message. Everything is appreciated and very helpful,” said Rico, who reminded the entire hospital staff “that they are amazing, professional, like the top of a pine tree, who treated us like we were at home despite being in the hospital.”

Sergio Rico’s fortune

Rico left the hospital with his wife to the applause of those present. / Photo: AFP Getty Images

Rico explained about the accident that “They say that the brain is smart and erases such events”, and that for him “it was a dream”.. “I woke up in the hospital and, thank God, today I can go out excited, happy and grateful to everyone.”

Sergio Rico made special mention of his wife -who spent “twenty hours a day” with me, he said, as well as to the Sevilla supporters club Biris, and asked about the need for Sevilla to sign the goalkeeperbelieved that his recovery as an athlete “will be available soon, recover and return to football” and “hopefully I can return to Seville”.

In total, the Sevillian goalkeeper was in the hospital for 83 days, of which 37 he was under round-the-clock supervision in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Andalusian capital’s hospital, until he was transferred to the ward with medical care and nursing on July 4.

Sergio Rico crash

The 29-year-old goalkeeper was called up by the French national team on Saturday, May 27 for the penultimate match of the French championship, which took place in Strasbourg, where PSG drew 1: 1 and was proclaimed the champion of the tournament.

After that game, the goalkeeper moved to the village of El Rocío, where he had an accident at 8:30 am, and was evacuated to a Sevilla hospital after the medical emergency service stabilized his condition. pilgrimage to Almonteño.

During his hospitalization, he had several ups and downs in his health, and even on two occasions the sedation was suppressed.until June 7, when he was completely withdrawn, and since then he has been conscious and treated by the intensive care team due to serious injuries sustained on his head from a horse strike.

Sergio Rico is expected to continue rebuilding at home after almost three months. recognized after the fatal accident.

– After 15 days of a horse accident, Sergio Rico is still in serious condition in Seville.

– Messi’s wife sends “power” to the PSG goalkeeper hospitalized after falling from a horse; following?

Author: EFE
Source: La Opinion


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