Jaime Lozano confirmed that he would talk to Carlos Vela and Alan Pulido to see if they wanted to return to Tri; Hector Herrera already said yes

After five years of absence from the representative of Mexico, Carlos Vela could get the opportunity to wear green again. so it is said Jaime LozanoDT Aztec Choice, who is one of the new faces in the Mexican Football Federation, one of those who were not there when El Bombardero decided to “leave” the team.

At the press conference “Jimmy” reaffirmed his desire to speak to the LAFC striker to see if he was open for a call-up, although he clarified that this did not mean he would automatically secure a spot on the national team. rather, he will have to win on the field, showing good play with his team when required.

“Vela’s case, one of the few we need to talk to him about, know how you feel. I commented on this at a press conference that we had at the presentation of the project, the choice is open to all national players. It is obvious that the door will be open to the player who intends to protect this jersey andObviously, in order to earn a call, as everyone knows, you need to earn it with that great moment in your club.- commented the strategist.

“You must talk to him, you must know how he feels, what his position is. If he has an illusion, an intention to continue to represent the national team or he prefers to devote one hundred percent of his energy to his club and his familyhe narrowed.

Alan Pulido and Hector Herrera are also on his radar.

But Vela is not the only player with whom Lozano intends to start talking about this, as he has stated that he will do so with Alan Pulidowho was absent from the field due to an injury throughout 2022 and was not called up for this 2023 due to various circumstances.

At the same time, he said that he had already had this conversation with Hector Herrera, who confirmed that if he wants to play for El Tri, then in his case it remains only to decide whether he has enough level for a call, as Lozano assured that the age of the midfielder (33 years old) would not be a determining factor.

“Is it true, Pulido is another one we have yet to talk about, I talked a lot with Hector, My first stop was Houston, we talked about many situations, we know how you feel. Perhaps they feel that they are no longer coming and someone is calling them without knowing, or perhaps it is someone else. As for Hector, he told me before and it was confirmed Hector still intends to represent Mexico as soon as we know that he is at a good level. I don’t think age is a problem”, he concluded.

Author: Jorge Hernandez
Source: La Opinion


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