Heavy hand in Mexico: Jaime Lozano cited Chicharito as an example of indiscipline in the Mexican national team

Jaime Lozano is gaining more and more strength under the leadership of the Mexican national team. Jimmy’s role as El Tri’s interim strategist was a thing of the past. Former Necax coach appointed strategist lead Mexico to a good job at the 2026 World Cup. The Aztecs don’t want indiscipline in the locker rooms and He demonstrated this with the example of Chicharito.

Although Jaime Lozano clarified that he will not have any regime within the Aztecs team, Yes, he indicated that there will be rules that must be followed.. The Mexican coach remembered Chicharito: a player who was banned due to alleged internal problems.

“I’m not a military man. I like to lead by example and have rules very clear from the first momentso that they don’t come out later and say that I didn’t know or that they didn’t tell me. If people from the past like Javier Hernandez, due to indiscipline that doesn’t bother me, suffered the consequences they suffered… because our actions have consequences“Lozano noted in an interview with the publication Fox Sports.

In this sense and based on the living example of Javier Hernandez Jaime Lozano emphasized that discipline must be maintained during the process. Order and adherence to the rules is another step towards the 2026 World Cup in good shape.

“It (discipline) is important and we all need to understand that. It’s better that the players come to have fun, I like that because that’s what they come for, to have fun and represent their country. but with commitment and mentality to do your best”he added.

Chicharito outside of Mexico

Recently Chicharito spent four years away from the Mexican national team. The Los Angeles Galaxy scorer’s last game against El Tri was September 7, 2019. That evening, Mexico defeated the USA with a score of 0:3, but radically This will be Hernandez’s last call.

Gerardo Martino had the courage to exclude the player from the next calls. Mexico’s top scorer. Even despite the problems with scoring goals, Tata refused to call up the footballer, who scored 52 goals during his entire playing time in the El Tri jersey.

Author: Wilson Flores
Source: La Opinion


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