The “Games of Countries” tournament of the “Heavenly Grace” Academy started in Sochi

Photo: © Video screenshot

Photo: © Video screenshot

The “golden standards” of rhythmic gymnastics are being returned to Sochi right now. The international tournament “Games of Countries” started at the “Heavenly Grace” Academy of Alina Kabaeva. The rules are more complex than international rules, so to win you need not just to perform a set of elements, but to literally live through every movement. Young talents cope with this successfully. Reviewer Alexander Mostoslavsky will talk about the athletes who are the future of this sport.

“I am very glad that there are more of us, more like-minded people, I wish you all good luck. May the strongest always win. I declare the “Games of Countries” (academy) “Heavenly Grace” tournament open”says Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva.

Stars of the first magnitude in rhythmic gymnastics – both on the mat and in the auditorium. In the jury and in the guest stands, renowned champions and legendary coaches are carefully watching the performance of today’s strongest gymnasts.

“In 2021, for the first time, we held the international tournament “Heavenly Grace” according to the rules of “Heavenly Grace”. And today this is the third tournament, experimental, where you could see both seniors and juniors, there were pre-juniors and group exercises. Of course, they differ from the International Gymnastics Federation. These rules are much more complicated. This gives the gymnast the opportunity to reveal her talent, the potential to show how rhythmic gymnastics can be a very beautiful, dynamic sport, this is our main job. I can tell you that with us it works out”,” notes Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva.

180 gymnasts came to the international tournament “Games of Countries” at the Alina Kabaeva “Heavenly Grace” rhythmic gymnastics academy in Sochi. It is here that new rules and trends are being created today, according to which in the near future not only domestic rhythmic gymnastics, but also the world will develop. Athletes from 12 countries took part in these competitions.

For example, the magnificent Lala Kramarenko consistently makes viewers and judges fall in love with her. At these competitions, she tested her complicated programs, which she had prepared for her performance at the “Heavenly Grace” tournament. This year it will take place in December.

“We prepared for quite a long time, chose the music. This is very complex music, the overture to the “Queen of Spades”, I did today. And we need to show real rhythmic gymnastics – not just doing elements, but living on the mat. Therefore, this is the difficulty. I want to say, that we show Russian rhythmic gymnastics, how much stronger we are and how far ahead we are”says Lala Kramarenko, a member of the Russian national team, three-time world champion among juniors, European champion, international master of sports.

The coach of the world’s strongest rhythmic gymnastics athletes, Irina Viner, says that she is delighted with the level of competitions taking place at the Heavenly Grace Academy, which has not even celebrated a year since its opening, but has already become the epicenter of sports life.

“Heavenly Grace” does a very great job of bringing together the best children, juniors, little children who have the opportunity to train in brilliant conditions, in magnificent halls – to study, swim and breathe normally, that is, here all the conditions have been created so that children We grew up to be real athletes”– notes the President of the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Irina Viner.

The International Association of Rhythmic Gymnastics Clubs “Heavenly Grace” will become a real home for regional teams from Russia and around the world.

“This is the new structure, this is the new format that is now necessary, people need it, the entire global gymnastics community needs it, so it not only can, but will become, an alternative to FIG.”,” notes Honored Master of Sports, ten-time world champion in rhythmic gymnastics Olga Kapranova.

Everything new is well-forgotten old, and in our case, undeservedly forgotten. At one time, the International Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics (FIG) excluded from competitions an exercise with one of the most dynamic objects – the jump rope. Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva strongly disagreed with this. And now, on her initiative, the jump rope has been rehabilitated. Exercises with this subject have already been included in the rules and programs of the international competitions “Games of Countries” and “Heavenly Grace”.

“I love performing with a jump rope, I have already performed with it for candidates for master of sports and I really like it. With it you can express emotions differently than with other objects. Because the jump rope is so soft. For example, you can depict a scarf with this jump rope , you can tie a bow”,” notes gymnast from Ulyanovsk Victoria Bespalova.

She and her mentors came up with an original number with a skipping rope, the musical accompaniment of which was the famous “Katyusha” in three performances at once – in Russian, Chinese and in a choral interpretation.

“We need to move forward, we need to grow, we need to progress, we need to do it both emotionally and technically, and together, so that these moments coincide, we really like these rules.”,” notes Honored Coach of Russia, Chairman of the Ulyanovsk Regional Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics Tatyana Gribkova.

She is talking about the new rules, which Alina Kabaeva’s “Heavenly Grace” rhythmic gymnastics academy has been working hard on for almost a whole year. This “fundamental work” includes all the best from the experience of the past and current trends in modern rhythmic gymnastics.

“We tried to create a symbiosis of both the object and the elements of the body. Therefore, we increased the estimate of the cost of such complex elements, increased the estimate of the cost of certain throws, added new capabilities, added new connections so that it was possible to connect elements not only while standing on one leg , but, for example, connecting turns with turns through a step. This is also very interesting.”says international master of sports, international category judge in rhythmic gymnastics Marina Specht.

Not only the older generation of gymnasts, but also aspiring athletes dream of returning to the “golden standards”.

“Watching old videos of Alina Kabaeva, how she performed, it looked much more graceful, you felt this real rhythmic gymnastics, so many elements, and Alina Kabaeva conveyed it all very well. This vibe, so to speak, of rhythmic gymnastics”,” notes gymnast from Uzbekistan Natalya Usova.

The new rules of the association of clubs “Heavenly Grace” were warmly supported by foreign participants of this tournament.

“These rules are in motion, and they will also be transformed, added, changed, but this is good work, especially for young coaches, young referees. Nothing should stand still. Therefore, this tournament is very important for everyone who wants to try something new”says coach of the Belarusian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Irina Liparskaya.

“I am very glad that I was invited by the “Heavenly Grace” Academy. There are many people from different countries here. Excellent conditions, an amazing atmosphere and interesting rules that motivate me to work. Here I watch more experienced gymnasts. By the way, I have learned a lot of new things for yourself. For example, a jump rope”notes gymnast from Qatar Mehreen Maqsood.

The youngest participant in these competitions is 11 years old, the oldest is 23 years old.

The “Games of Countries” were conceived as a small event within the academy, international, but small, but the reputation of the academy is such that a lot of countries, a lot of participants went here. Therefore, the slogan “Games of countries, uniting the whole world” was born.says the director of the “Games of Countries” tournament, Eldar Sayfutdinov.

The absolute champion of these competitions was the world’s strongest gymnast Lala Kramarenko. 11 students of Alina Kabaeva’s “Heavenly Grace” Academy also performed brightly and convincingly. For example, pre-junior Elya Belyaeva won medals of various denominations in almost all events. And junior Kristina Voitenko became the best in exercises with a hoop and received second place for the jump rope.

“This tournament is important because for the first time we are performing according to the rules of “Heavenly Grace”, we are performing with a skipping rope for the first time in a long time, it is important because it is taking place in our hall and Alina Maratovna is here, and she supports us”,” notes gymnast, student of the “Heavenly Grace” rhythmic gymnastics academy of Alina Kabaeva, Kristina Voitenko.

And at the end of the tournament – a gift for all participants and spectators – a demonstration performance by the students of the Heavenly Grace Academy.

And, of course, there was a sweet prize. All participants will receive a birthday cake from the hands of the Olympic champion.

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