Romanov defeated Fedorov as part of the REN TV Fight Club

Photo: © Izvestia/Eduard Kornienko

Sergey Romanov defeated Maxim Fedorov by decision of the judges in a super series fight”Fight Club “. Thus, he will meet Sergei Khrisanov in the Grand Prix final.

In the first round, Romanov had the initiative in the octagon. He successfully hit his opponent with a jab several times, who concentrated on “cavalry charges” on the enemy’s position.

In the second round, Fedorov tried to break through Romanov’s defense, but was never successful.

In the final round, Fedorov was generally more active. But he was unable to extract dividends from this, since Romanov defended himself very successfully against his opponent’s rare attacks.

The judges appreciated Romanov’s technique and class, as well as the confidence with which he conducted the fight and gave him the victory.

In the first fight of the evening, Sergey Khrisanov defeated Marcel Khanov by unanimous decision.

In the co-main fight of the evening, Svyatoslav Kovalenko will fight with Vladimir Polozov.

In the main fight, newly minted Russian Kevin Johnson will try to break the resistance of Irishman Sean Turner.

Source: Ren


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